About Us

Texas Fitness Factory is your premier group training facility, manufacturing elite health and fitness from everyone ages 5 to 100; we feature CrossFit Watauga, C45, and UpLift Youth Strength and Conditioning.

CrossFit Watauga is committed to making your fitness goals a reality. This is done by making our 1 hour classes the best hour of your day, you will not want to miss a class! We perform constantly varied functional movements at high intensities. Under the watchful eyes of our certified coaches these movements can and will be performed with safety in mind. We will help you achieve whatever your health and wellness goal is by constantly challenging you to achieve more. This is completed in a supportive, fun, and community type of environment where everyone wants you to see you achieve success.

CrossFit Watauga is proud to serve Watauga, North Richland Hills, Keller, and Fort Worth Texas.